Cena y Show en vivo en Te Ra´ai / Dinner and show

Te ra´ai es un emprendimiento familar y cultural ubicado en Rapa Nui (Isla de Pascua), donde cada lunes, miércoles y viernes, vive la experiencia única de participar en una ceremonia ancestral Rapa Nui con música en vivo, interpretación en inglés y español. El deleite de la fusión gastronómica entre el Umu, comida ancestral y las delicias de nuestra cocina dispuesto en nuestro salón comedor, te invitan a disfrutar de una cena maravillosa.Al fin de la experiencia disfrutaremos de la historia a través de la música y danza con un show imperdible interactivo.

Come and feel the ancestral essence through a traditional Umu Pae ceremony, (typical Curanto), tasting flavors of Rapa Nui gastronomy, as well as the narration of stories and legends with our cultural group Haha Varua of Te Ra’ai.

The experience includes a round-trip transfer to the hotel. The Te Ra’ai family welcomes you to this trip through the Rapa Nui culture with a refreshing complimentary appetizer and the art of takona, an ancient Rapa Nui tradition, which seeks to capture meanings through paintings on the body.

Umu Hatu ritual ceremony (Typical Rapa Nui curanto):
Our guests will be invited to go to our family ancestral temple (Hare ta’o Umu), to be part of the “Umu hatu” ceremony or traditional Rapa Nui curanto, which has narrations, stories and typical tales of our island . The experience is interactive and seeks to capture the mystical essence that forms the heart of the Rapa Nui culture.

Te Ra´ai buffet style:
Enjoy a wide variety of exotic flavors in the Te Ra’ai style, complement your dinner with Umu Hatu, various salads, sauces, root vegetables, varieties of meat, local fruits, natural juice and a glass of wine.

Live show, cultural assemble Haha Varua:
Live a journey through different perspectives of the Rapa Nui culture, learn about the Hoko, the Ori Api, the Kai-kai, the Riu and many others artistic expresions of our culture. Live the different stages that make up the history of our culture and feel the energy and the Rapa Nui “Mana” through dance, music and the different artistic expressions that make our art something unique in this world.

Other aggregates:
Po Uri Bar (additional): Enjoy our refreshing variety of drinks and cocktails.
Picadillos menu (additional): Choose between different options of picadillos and tables to share during the evening
Typical costumes for taking photos (included): Feel like a complete Rapa Nui, try the different dyes made with local materials and Polynesian influences.
Interactive narrations (included):
Get to know the Rapa Nui culture in a more personal way, through different interactive narrations (Spanish, English and Rapa Nui). Learn about the history of the Moai, the different expressions of art and the influences that have shaped the Rapa Nui culture


We offer round trip transportation in corporate vehicles.
Wellcome apettizer

Taste a refreshing pisco sour or seasonal fruit juice.
Takona in faces

Meet “Takona”, The art of translating meanings into the body.
photo taking place

photos with Rapa Nui costumes

Try different Costumes of our culture.
“Umu Hatu” ceremony

Meet the “Umu Hatu”, an exotic and traditional ceremony, which seeks to unite people’s hearts through gastronomy. Enjoy narrations and stories that make up the traditions of the Rapa Nui people.
“Umu Hatu” Rapa Nui Curanto

Gastronomic preparation made underground. The curanto includes: Meat, chicken, local fish, local tubers and vegetables.
“Umu Hatu” Tasting

Taste the Rapa Nui meal in his true nature
Rapa Nui dance class

Participate in a brief Rapa Nui dance class, learning about the movements and meanings that make up the local music and dance.
Te Ra´ai buffet style

Accompany your evening with an exotic selection of flavors, such as meat, fish, chicken, tubers, fruits, sauces and the curanto itself. All in a wide buffet proposal with a view of the show.
Haha Varua “Traditional Rapa Nui show”

Live a journey through the history of the Rapa Nui culture, get to know different types of dances and music, accompanied by a narration that seeks to make you live and understand the wonders of our culture.
Po uri bar

Bar and cocktails
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  • Nombre de la tienda: Centro de eventos te ra'ai
  • Vendedor: Centro de eventos te ra'ai
  • Dirección: Kaituoe s/n, Hanga Roa, Rapa Nui
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